Best day in the life of a street preacher

As the crowd yelled that I was unloving and pushing people away from God up came a gentleman and was saying WHAT DO I NEED TO DO to get right with God. The best words a christian can hear from a sinner . He was very convicted of his sin and wanted to get right with good immediately so I told him to cry out to God and he did then I prayed for him.

Some time later up came Reggie and he started to weep because he was living a double life and need to get real with GOD. He said he was drawn to this place and my sign convicted him REPENT OR PERISH. So I told him if he gets real with God, God will get real with him. He agreed with everything I said so I prayed for him.

After that up came Mario telling me that I was preaching the truth and said he wanted to be delivered. So I had a serious conversation and then prayed with him.

At the end of the night some guy smashed me on the head with a bag. The devil does not like the preaching of God’s Word. Please pray for my head and the people that got right with God so that they continue in His ways.



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