SINcinnati Ohio Outreach

SINcinnati Ohio Outreach Team

This has been one of the best weeks of my life. It was a great period of outreach and fellowship. Also, I found experienced how nice it is to know that I’m not the only street preacher in the world. We had four days of amazing outreach in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Northern Kentucky University

IMG_0320   IMG_0526   IMG_0533



Northern Kentucky University & Oktoberfest

                                            IMG_0706   IMG_0599



Radio Show, Oktoberfest, & Zombie Walk

IMG_1349   IMG_1352   IMG_1374 


Homosexual Church Rebuke & Cincinnati Bengals Game IMG_1997

As I reflect on this amazing time of outreach I pray for all who heard God’s word, that they may find salvation.

2 thoughts on “SINcinnati Ohio Outreach

  1. A Recovering Faggot says:

    I just saw you at UW Platteville today. You’ve changed me, and shown me the way back to god. I’ve lead a life of sin up until now, but no more!

    Please come back to Platteville, at least once a semester, or even once a month. If the hearts of just one person are turned to Jesus each time, it will be worth it.

    God Bless

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